Pool Snooker Billiard Cues

Timber Cues

Ash is by far the most popular wood  used for English Pool, Snooker and Billiard Cues. Maple was traditionally the only wood used for American pool cues. Maple is denser than ash and does not have the pronounced grain features of ash. The enhanced grain of ash is highly regarded by many players by utilising the arrow pattern of the wood for aim, but can be distracting for those who prefer the plainer maple. Generally ash has a better feel and touch to maple but it is a personal choice. The natural spring in ash gives it more response. The stiffer maple is said to have more power for the break. Remember all natural wood will at some stage warp unless proper care is taken. Ash cues can be bent back, maple cues cannot. Proper storage and care for your wooden cues is crucial. Being a natural fibre they are susceptible to direct sunlight, moisture and leaning against walls. Correct storage consists of cue cases or cue stands that store cues straight and this will extend the cues life. For more information click the link. Understanding Cues. 


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