Who Are Q-Masters

Q-Masters opened at this location in 1992 and we are now celebrating 30 years!

We purchased and installed Alcocks tables – makers of the most respected and reliable pool and snooker tables in Australia. Consequently we have been rewarded with the most successful public billiard room in Queensland. Our clientele prefer to play upon our tables because of the quality and true playing surface.

Q-Masters became the Queensland agent for Alcocks in 2001 and we now have a long list of very happy clients to boast about because of it.

Alcocks 154 years old and Heiron & Smith 120 years old respectively are both owned by the same family. When you are dealing with us as the sole authorised Queensland agent, you can be assured that we represent a maker of the highest quality of tables with a long established and recognised brand. Be sure to be wary of impostors and imitators attempting to trade on this well deserved acclaim.

The Alcocks and Heiron & Smith Factory is in Melbourne where all tables are manufactured to order. We naturally arrange all matters of order and purchase, including freight charges.

The excellent supply and maintenance service we provide will include installation by Luke Muldoon who is regarded in the industry as the best in Queensland for table installation and servicing. He undertook his apprenticeship with Alcocks and now has over 20 years experience. As a result, his expertise is in high demand and he currently services almost all cuesports clubs in Brisbane.