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PERADON JOE DAVIS 1/2 Piece Pool Snooker Billiard Ash Cue

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PERADON JOE DAVIS Cue 1/2 Piece Cue.

Joe Davis Cue made in England by Peradon, the world’s oldest cue maker. 147cm (58in) cue with centre joint.

Length 147cm (58in) with centre joint
Cue Shaft 75cm (29.5in) in North American Ash
Cue Butt Genuine ebony, machine spliced, sycamore veneer with ebony front splice.
Centre Joint Quick action-solid brass.
Butt joint Quick action. You may fit optional Peradon extensions to the butt joint.
Ferrule Solid brass
Elkmaster tip 9.5mm