POWERGLIDE Professional Fusion 1/2 Piece Pool, Snooker & Billiard Ash Cue


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African Ebony front splice set against eye-catching 4 point zebra wood with 5 point natural and purple veneers. 57" cue with 9.5 mm tip. Pool, Snooker and Billiard Cue.

PowerGlide Professional Range Features:

  • A mix of exotic and natural Veneers
  • A selection of Ebony and Rosewood Butts
  • Hand-Splices Joints and Veneers
  • Shafts made from a single piece of selected Straight-Grain Ash
  • Matched grain at the joint
  • The Range includes 50/50 and 3/4 split options and a 1pce model
  • All 3/4 split cues include a 6" Mini Extension


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